Green Community Campaign

The Green Community Campaign project, led by researchers at the University of Northern Iowa, is a part of the energy utilization platform. It is a quasi-experimental study including two intervention communities and one control community.  Mid-American Energy is an industry partner for the project.

The intervention variables designed to reduce residential energy use in the campaign communities include informational and motivational messaging and manipulations aimed at encouraging residents of the intervention communities to:

  1. Adopt at least one LED bulb in the household,
  2. Change furnace filters 4x per year, and
  3. Increase the number of home audit recommendations adopted (for those residents opting to have a home audit conducted).

Measured outcomes will include annual residential energy use controlled for average temps, attitudes, knowledge, number of home energy audits, number of recommendations adopted after audits, self-reported conservation behaviors, local sales data for LED bulbs, CFLs, and furnace filters.

The research team includes senior faculty co-leaders Mary Losch and Jack Yates, junior faculty member Nick Schwab, and content specialist Carole Yates – all from the University of Northern Iowa.  Students from community colleges and four-year colleges will be assisting with the campaigns in both of the intervention communities.