Energy Utilization

The Energy Utilization platform of Iowa NSF EPSCoR focused on the role of human behavior in reducing energy consumption.

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Green Community Campaign: Behavioral Research

The impact of different intervention strategies on energy consumption in communities was evaluated. Learn more

Building Science: Optimizing Energy Efficiency[PHOTO]The Interlock House

The hypothesis that a combination of innovative building design, high performance building envelopes, incorporation of renewable energy technologies, and understanding human behavior relative to energy decision making was explored. Learn more

The Building Science team developed a series of videos based on the Interlock solar house to help teach energy efficiency concepts to high school physics classes. The series is called “Living with the Sun.” See the videos.


The platform leader was Ted Heindel, Bergles Professor of Thermal Science at Iowa State University.

Research Example

[POSTER]Energy utilization research led by Mary Losch
Quasi-experimental design utilized community-level laboratories to determine whether or not social marketing interventions can change energy conservation knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.


  • Iowa Energy Center The center’s goal is to serve Iowans through reliable, objective tools and information as energy consumers and innovators. Adminisitered by Iowa State University.
  • Center for Building Energy Research This Iowa State University research center focuses on building energy efficiency and building integrated renewable energy production.
  • Center for Energy & Environmental Education This University of Northern Iowa center empowers Iowans with the knowledge, experiences, tools, and inspiration needed to create a sustainable future.