Iowa NSF EPSCoR Video Channel

Iowa NSF EPSCoR produced videos for a variety of purposes: news, recruitment, education, and instruction.

The videos are hosted on these services:

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Iowa NSF EPSCoR: Building Sustainable Energy Systems


Thermochemical Option: Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Fuel, from CenUSA Bioenergy on Vimeo. Presentation by Robert C. Brown, leader of the Iowa NSF EPSCoR bioenergy platform.

Chapter 1: Solar Radiation and the Sun’s Path This is chapter 1 of a four-part series. View the Living with the Sun channel to see all of the videos in this series.

News (see the Iowa NSF EPSCoR News Channel on Vimeo)

2013 Annual Meeting Panel on Industry/University Collaborations

2013 Annual Meeting Keynote Address

Iowa NSF EPSCoR Summer STEM Institute 2013

Iowa NSF EPSCoR Middle School Science Teacher’s Academy 2012

Iowa NSF EPSCoR All Hands Meeting 2012