Iowa NSF EPSCoR Statewide Reach

Iowa NSF EPSCoR was truly a state-wide effort, as evidenced by these maps of the general locations of its many activities, collaborations, and interactions.

[MAP]Iowa NSF EPSCoR statewide reach

Main Locations

Iowa NSF EPSCoR operations and research took place at many locations in Iowa, including Regent universities (yellow), Bio Agro-Ecosystem Research (BAER) sites (light green); community labs (purple), green communities (green), and wildlife refuges (brown).


Iowa NSF EPSCoR’s education and outreach efforts touched more than 215 cities and towns around the state of Iowa over its five-year lifespan.

Higher Learning Collaboration

Although Iowa’s three Regent universities were the main participants in Iowa NSF EPSCoR, the program also collaborated with more than 20 four-year colleges and community colleges throughout the state.

Iowa NSF EPSCoR Other Collaborations

Other collaborations include industry (blue) government organizations (black), mobile units (gray), broader impact events (yellow), and miscellaneous (purple).

These maps represent only the general location of these collaborations and interactions. They were created with Google My Maps. If these maps are not loading, please contact Robert Mills,