Broader Impacts Platform

The Broader Impacts Platform focused on efforts to prepare a workforce and broaden the participation of women, underrepresented minorities, and first-generation college students in the STEM pipeline, and create a community of scholars who integrate broader impacts into their research effort.

[PHOTO]Broader impacts meeting
Collaboration was a key part of the broader impacts effort.
The Broader Impacts Platform:

  1. Built upon existing STEM related programs to broaden their reach across the entire educational continuum,
  2. Coordinated efforts to develop a diverse and highly skilled workforce,
  3. Provided professional development to current and future generations of scientists to help them build successful careers,
  4. Coordinated platform researchers’ efforts to engage industry, disseminate information, and inform key stakeholders,
  5. Shared with the EPSCoR community best practices in outcomes assessment techniques,
  6. Developed appropriate cyberinfrastructure to enable connectivity among institutions and supports overall research and educational goals, and
  7. Ensured long-term sustainability of these efforts by encouraging the institutionalization of best practices.

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