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Iowa EPSCoR Governance

Chaired by Christine Twait, assistant provost for sponsored programs at University of Northern Iowa, the Iowa EPSCoR Governance Committee is composed of representatives from the three Regent universities, community and private colleges, industry, government, and others.

[PHOTO]Christine TwaitChristine Twait
Chair, Iowa EPSCoR State Governance Committee

Assistant Provost for Sponsored Programs
University of Northern Iowa

See the Iowa State Governance Committee


Ted Heindel[PHOTO]Ted Heindel
Project Director
Energy Utilization Platform Leader

Bergles Professor of Thermal Science
in Mechanical Engineering
Iowa State University

Patrick Barry Butler[PHOTO]P. Barry Butler
Co-Project Director
Wind Energy Platform Leader

Executive Vice President and Provost
University of Iowa


brown_robert_bei_0262_n_2015Robert Brown
Co-Project Director
Bioenergy Platform Leader

Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in Engineering
Iowa State University


Sriram SundararajanSundararajan-sriram
Co-Project Director
Broader Impacts Platform Leader

Equity Advisor for College of Engineering
Iowa State University



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